Problem with share button on posts to facebook

Hello, just finished my project for my client with your Spa Beauty and Hair Salon WordPress Theme - Beyoutiful. Me and the client are very happy with the result:

Did some last tests and found out that when I want to share a post to facebook, it shares only the info of the website and not the info (image/short description) of the post itself. So for example, when you go to "NIEUWS" from the main menu and you click on the post titled "Het Pijnboompittensyndroom (PNS)", then when you share this on facebook you will see it wants to share the url of the website, not the post. It works fine for twitter and G+.

I have tried to share a post from your demo and that shares beautifully nice. Can you help me find out what the issue could be?

Thanks in advance and love your theme!

Xander Bakker
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