Menu font size & text align, WooCommerce product page/read more issue

Hello, thank you guys for great job with SimpleCafe. I have a few issues, mainly regarding the restaurant menu:

1. I would like to disable the links to the product pages (we won't be selling food online). this solution worked for links, however the images disappeared... Is there any other way to do it?

2. I would like to disable the button "Read more" when the product has no price given.

3. I'm not happy with how the menu looks like. I am trying to make it similar to the demo page. As you can see the product names are not aligned with prices, everything is "falling down". The product name font size is also too small (I tried changing it in SimpleCafe backend but with no luck).

4. I'm missing Rubik font from Google Fonts. I can use it only in Revolution slider. Any chance to add it?

Thank you very much,

Re: Menu font size & text align, WooCommerce product page/read more issue


1. You are asking to make custom change in Woocommerce plugin. Please understand our support team don't make custom changes. If you want to modify it please hire someone.
2. The read more can't be visible in separate cases. It can be all the time visible or not.
3. Please send details and website access to support[at] We will check whats wrong.
4. We can add it to the theme. It's not a problem.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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