inconsistent design of the galleries

Hi there,

nice to see that you changed the behaviour of the thumbnails in the packery-gallery - clicking the thumb now leads to lightbox, you don't have to click on the eye anymore. That's fine. But you should have changed this behaviour also in the masonry-gallery (and in all other kinds of galleries). Right now you have an inconsistent theme regarding the thumbnails of the different galleries.

Btw, is it possible to change packery's behaviour of thumbnail-creation? the crop is quite useless this way for portrait photograpyh...


Re: inconsistent design of the galleries

I'm sorry but you are wrong because your demo-site does not show the masonry gallery. Please create a page, select "gallery" in GT3 Page Builder (size 1/1) and select type "masonry". Preview! In this type of gallery you have to click exactly on the eye in the middle of the thumbnails to show the bigger image, in all other gallery-types you can click on the whole thumbnail to show the image. Why do I have to click exactly on the eye in masonry-gallery?? For me this is inconsistent. Please try yourself and compare to the behaviour of the other types of gallery.

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