General feedback for this template

First of all I would like to say that the look of this template is very good, when looking at the demo pages. I bought this template based on the look and what I saw in the demo.

However, I think that everyone buying this template will expect a certain level of options available to be able to change and control content. The point of buying a template is not for everyone's website to look identical, but to offer a template which can be controlled by the buyer with reference to simple options and how they want their own website to look. the expectation of a photographer is that they can control galleries, what and how they appear, all text content etc. Some of the options only seem to work correctly if you replicate pages exactly as they are in the demo (which most users will not want).

I have noticed that with various issues raised by people so far, support responses are not supportive of the buyer and in some cases are very negative and blunt. In most cases responses are very defensive and you get the impression that if you find any issues it is tough luck.

A lot of the issues raised in this forum should be taken up with the developers but there is not much indication that issues will be raised in this way.

Getting a refund seems to be difficult with anything bought from themeforest and I don't think it should be an excuse to say that a demo is available. A lot of issues are experienced from using the page builder interface (lack of options) and are nothing to do with the overall look of the template.

If I had known all of these issues, and how the page builder works (it is very restrictive), and how negative GT3theme are in responding, I may not have bought the template.

I hope things improve in future updates of this template.



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