Styling the contact form

Hi, there dont seem to be much ready-made styling for the contact form 7 plugin and the documentation dont give much help either.
I did managed to get some styling for the input fields from other topics, but the submit button is still something I cannot get to change.

Can you please give some example code how you have made the submit button in your theme demo?

Re: Styling the contact form


Here is form code example from our demo
[text* your-name placeholder "Name*"][email* your-email placeholder "E-Mail*"][text your-url placeholder "URL"]
[textarea your-message placeholder "Message..."]
<div class="submit_cont"><p class="submit_button"><span class="hover_overlay"></span><span class="button_content">[submit "Send Message"]<i class="icon-mail"></i></span></p></div>

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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