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With all due respect, for you, this discussion may be closed, but there is more at hand and it IS strange:
Look Jane, or whoever you are, I adapted my site in a way that sharing is possible by changing certain pages in Portfolios.
And I am happy I did, but there is something strange, look
When I share this portfolio page to social media, the images that are placed with it come from other portfolio pages. That is confusing. But whats more, the model of the portfolio is NOT amused that another image than herself (she is the client, she paid for the shoot) is under the link. The images that come with the link on Facebook (in this case) are for other portfolio's on my site: I checked and double checked and all the portfolio pages
are exactly the same, and the images that appear in the post are all featured images. The portfolio pages format is "image".
I am persistent on this matter, not just for myself, but also for other users of this very beautiful and well build theme, with a lot of potentials. That is if you or the programmers are willing to listen and do something with our remarks.

NB. If you find me a pain in the A**, it is pretty simple: as a pro photographer with a great reputation, if I fu*k up a shoot ( yes, it happened) then I do not get my money and lose the client forever.... so every detail of my work and everything around it is important to me!

Thx for reading.
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