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I purchased the Oyster theme yesterday and have the following questions (which are not covered in the documentation) while setting it up.

My website:
1. Featured images on my prior posts are not appearing on the fullscreen blog page. It leaves out the featured image. All my post types are standard. if i change it to Image type, then it shows up on the blog page but when i click on individual blog the featured image does not appear. I want the featured image to appear on both the blog page (in the masonry grid) and in the Individual page as well.
2.Gallery album takes only Gallery page. However gallery have only default full screen navigation from Albums. Is it possible to create an Album out of the gallery pages (created using masonry template)? As of now, I am having to create a Gallery page (to include in album) and another Page (gallery masonry) for the same set of photographs. Is there a way to avoid having to create 2 different pages (galleries page and wordpress page with gallery template)?
3. How to change the browser title? The theme is adding a Archive next to all my pages that are created out of category. For e.g. Travel page on my site, shows up as Travel Archive. Where can I edit this?
4. Is there a way to have the Site Title (Text) display in place of the Logo in the header?
5. Masonry 2 shown in the Live demo is missing in the page templates. How can i get this template too?
6. 'Blog Masonry' module shown in the documentation but its missing in my install under the GT3 page builder.


Re: General Queries on Oyster theme


1. The Blog images are custom GT3 Page Builder part. You can display featured ones on all posts and pages you want.
This change requires full Blog customization.
2. The Albums has only the features you see at our demo
3. This is WordPress functionality.
4. The logo area support only images. You can add only slogan as the text.
5. It is not missing. Please use padding field in masonry template
6. There is a typo. The screenshot from another them,e. It will be changed.

Note, you used the Members Sites Showcase topic. It is the incorrect one.
Please use the theme one viewforum.php?f=68

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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