Shutterbird V1.0 - Test

Hello everybody,

the shutterbird v1.0 is now on my webspace and running with my pictures.
The Theme is very very nice. You made a gooood work.

Little Things... there are many templates for gallerys, but only 3 templates for albums. I love the Grid template (-; and i kindly ask you, is it possible to use this also for albums?

Second little thing ist the preview for videos... is it possible to add a play button over the images.

Last Question... this forum category is normaly for showcase, is it possible to open a category in the "WordPress Themes Discussion"

Best Regards

Re: Shutterbird V1.0 - Test

Hello Wessy,

Unfortunately, this Grid is available only for Gallery.
If you want to add the icon it requires custom changes.
But I will discuss these two question with the team. Maybe we will add these functionality to the themme.
Sorry for the inconvenience, the topic will be added to the WordPress themes discussions.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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