Activation code error


So, I've read in fact many people are facing the same problem. Site with your theme was developed on developer's machine with one address, now moved to production server, address is changed, theme got deactivated, and reactivation impossible because code "already activated".

I'm already tried getting back (no matter how much it's pain) to developer machine, tried accessing it with the same address - it's still deactivated. Reactivation impossible.

Could you please manually reset my purchase number's activation?!


Re: Activation code error


What theme do you use?
We provide ability to register GT3 account in Product activation area.
Also there is deactivate button in case you want to move website or test installation to other side.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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Re: Activation code error

Hello Jane / Mike,

I was in the process of finalizing my WIZELAW site and started going through the process of pointing the official domain to the hosting site where I customized the template. Now it's requiring me to activate. When I used the product code I purchased, it says it's already used.

Due to email issues, I reverted everything back to the way it was and I still can't use the purchase code.

Going through the forum, it seems that I will need it to be reactivated. But, before I use the purchase code once it's reactivated. Should I forward the domain to the hosting site first, then add the activation/purchase code? This would be after it is reactivated. I don't want to activate it then point the site, and it ask that it be reactivated again.

This is the site that has been customized and was changed then reverted back to what it is now:
This is the domain name that will be used/pointed to the site once I can activate the theme with my customizations:

My purchase was made with the same email used in my forum profile.
Not sure if I should post activation code here so I left off the first letter:


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