translate problem

Hi there,
Thanks for your great theme, it's a beautiful and useful.

I have 2 languages for the website using a plugin "polylang"
I used the page-contacts.php to change the contact's page "address" "phone" etc to Turkish language.
And your theme options for the rest of the contact form translations.

However now my second language which is English is also using the same translations which are in Turkish.
How can I fix this issue? is the website that i'm doing this changes.


Re: translate problem

Yes and i'm waiting for his respond now,
but without translation, Lets say it this way: I need to create a second separate contact page. Is there anyway to do it such as duplicating the page-contact-2.php or something like that?

in a simpler way, can I do this?
contact 1 page source ---> page-contact.php
contact 2 page source ---> page-contact2.php

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