Re: Hello dear admin

You can see all the changes in Frame theme settings=> View options=> Custom CSS

Code: Select all

.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .fullscreen_block .image-grid .element {width: calc(20% - 5.5px); margin:5px 5px 0 0;}
.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .fullscreen_block {
padding-left:5px; width: calc(100% - 5px);}
.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .portfolio_block {
padding-bottom:5px; overflow:visible !important; }

@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) and (max-width: 1199px) {.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .fullscreen_block .image-grid .element {width:calc(24.99% - 5.5px) !important;}}

@media only screen and (min-width: 760px) and (max-width: 959px) {.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .fullscreen_block .image-grid .element {width:calc(33.3% - 5.5px) !important;}}

@media only screen and (max-width: 760px) {.page-template-page-portfolio-masonry .fullscreen_block .image-grid .element {width:calc(49.99% - 5.5px) !important;}}
Jane Clarks

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Re: Hello dear admin

Well it's a good theme, but comparing to other themes out there i think 4 star is quiet good.
it could be more Customizable, maybe a built-in page builder for those who don't know how to code,
or more colors and options for gallery and such.
I'm not saying it's bad don't get me wrong, I would buy and use more license of your product for my next customers if they like it.
Wish you and your team the best luck.

Best regards
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