BG start - end troubles


I can't get the BG start / end shortcodes to work...

shortcodes sample view

sample view.png
the result, but no background...

No matter what i try in Dixit 'general' setting or in page setting, it does not show any background applied here (as shown in your live preview...)

However, it seems in the code

But if I look in the page source, I can see the color... but nothing is visible.

Code: Select all

data-background="#5191c2 repeat 0 0"

Any ideas why it's not working as it should?

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Re: BG start - end troubles

You need to set up twitter line in the pre-footer area.
It can cause the issue. That's why you need to set up it.
Please go to WordPress Admin-> Dixit Theme Settings-> Socials and scroll down to the bottom of the page to find twitter configuration fields.
Please find Latest tweet line field in Dixit Theme Settings->General and remove standard demo user name example and add your twitter one.
Notice, you need to add Twitter API settings: Twitter Consumer key, Twitter Consumer secret, Twitter User token, Twitter User secret.
Here you can find all the required information
Also you can leave the Tweet line field blank to disable pre-footer area.
Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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Re: BG start - end troubles

Thank You. I did filled all these setting in the first place (when I first configured the theme), but I missed this 'Latest tweet line' field.
In fact, I'm sorry but for me, it was not really clear what this field was... I would advise you to rename this field description in 'Twitter username' or something equivalent, it would be much more understandable for the setting. well, finally I can have background oauw !
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