Filter position; singles images not sliders; others


Just purchased this theme. Lovely work, and nicely documented.Well done.

Some queries, please.

1. Is there a way to force the band with the filters on it to go to the top of the page, even if the menu is at the bottom (i.e. header2top disabled)?

2. In portfolio_post_fw.html I want to put only single images, not a series to use with a slider. I can easily just put in one link and remove the left/right arrows. But please tell me how I can center the image in the available grey space to the right of the text, or move the image to the right. At the moment it appears on the left, with grey space on its right.

3. When I shrink the window to mobile phone size, I want the menu strip to appear at the top, and the fullscreen_title / fullscreen_block to appear at the bottom. How?

Thanks a lot. :D
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