Problem with Contact Form


I've just recently encountered a problem where the contact form SEND button doesn't work.

It gets clicked, and nothing happens.
This is even happening with the default Galaxy code put online.

The send used to work fine, and stopped by itself.
Can you please help?

Re: Problem with Contact Form

Sorry for the delay.

The browser Console displays the error.
TypeError: item.user is undefined = item.from_user_name ||;
It can cause the issue. The incorrect script work can broken page elements.
You need to set Twitter details, please open index.php file and insert your consumer keys and user token keys.

/ Your Twitter App Consumer Key
private $consumer_key = 'YOUR_CONSUMER_KEY';

// Your Twitter App Consumer Secret
private $consumer_secret = 'YOUR_CONSUMER_SECRET';

// Your Twitter App Access Token
private $user_token = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN';

// Your Twitter App Access Token Secret
private $user_secret = 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET';
Then save your changes and test it on your server.
Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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