Carousel Slider Not Working


Not sure about this, but ...

Built a website with the template ( and, on my mac, it worked fine.

Once uploaded the carousel slider doesn't function on any page (index, about, blog pages, contact).

Just noticed it isn't working on the demo version either.

Tried it on my mac (safari), a friends HP (chrome) and his mobile phone - all have the same issue, no slider.

If you can shed any light, I'd be grateful.

Best wishes,

Re: Carousel Slider Not Working

No, I haven't activated Twitter. I got as far as noticing all the content had disappeared (testimonials, latest posts, services) and Twitter didn't seem important so much. I need to activate Twitter for all carousel sliders to function? Also, I doubt it's my inactivation of Twitter that's the problem as the demo version is also not working; testimonials, featured works and latest posts have all disappeared too -
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