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hello … android 4.4.2 browser and the datei sorting.js is not “working always properly” for the other browsers is everything ok but the browser of system android 4.4.2 for some reason is not always compative...the only solution I did is to deactivated it for android but this is not the best way to go... can we have please some help? how can we update it or someother solution? …

any help will be great

thank you!

Re: datei sorting.js


the link you posted is not the right on -:)

is showroom and not frame... as I said before the issue is only with on datei ... the sorting.js

yes your demo online is having the same problem with the new android 4.4.2+... the browser of new android is not working good with the datei sorting.js (is use in links for example portfolio or startsite) if the link is using the sorting.js effect then the navigation is not working ... here is some screenshots... so everything was ok but after the new android 4.4.2 the file sorting.js is not compatible... ty
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