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Is there documentation for the load more button? I assume, when the visitor clicks on this button, more content is loaded. Where does this content come from? I see that the data-count calls for 5 items, how do you and where do you link these additional items?

How does this work?

Thank you

Re: Load More button


Please open portfolio-grid.html file to find the line 556

Code: Select all

<a href="#insert" class="load_more_grid" data-count="5"><img src="img/btn_loadmore.png"><span>load more</span></a>

The items are loading by special script.
Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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Re: Load More button

Thanks for the quick response but, when I click on 'load more', 5 new items come up.


My question is, Where does this content come from??, how do I put pictures in these grey boxes?

I see a href="#insert" what is this calling? is it calling another page that has content on it?

Can I see this working someplace?

Please help, it appears to be a nice feature but I don't understand how it works.

Thank you

Re: Load More button

After looking at a site link from another forum user, and looking at the code, I'm I supposed to keep the naming conventions the same? My images are not called, for example, 'gallery01.jpg'- I have different names for everything. Also, does this feature load new, additional content? or does it just repeat the content that has already been loaded.

For example, your template has 25 images on the home screen and in the folders it links to, however, if I click on the 'load more' button, it continues to add content. Is it just cycling through the content again? or is it new and where does it reside?

Please help me understand this. You should add some documentation to this template as to how this works.

Thank you.

Re: Load More button

I certainly did read what was in the documentation folder and there is no mention of how the 'load more' function works. If this was a third party plugin I would go get information there, but there's no mention of it on the script, so I assume it's custom.
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