Revolution slider obsoleto

Goodnight. I bought the WIZ LAW theme and everything is going well, the problem is with revolution slider that does not allow to install it since it marks me that the version of revolution slider is not updated to the new word press. When clicking on install the Plug in Revolution slider does not allow to install, it sends the following legend:
"Plugin not activated. A higher version of Revolution Slider is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin."


Re: Revolution slider obsoleto

Jane wrote:Hello,

What theme version do you use?
Are trying to install or update the plugin?
I don't see the screenshot you provided.


Hello, I use the wize law version, I am trying to install the plugin but it tells me that a more updated version for wordpress is required.

And another one, the item I bought in packaging, and now it turns out that it asks for the activation code! I do not know how they can not have control with that. I hope this does not affect me in the performance of the page and its design, since I could lose my client and that is not good.

If you can not send the images here, how can I send them so they have an idea?

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