oyster wp blog and gt3 page builder

Hi there , I just installed the oyster wp theme for my photography business
really happy with the look and feel and the options are great ,

however , I have a question ,

I've setup a page and added blog gt3 page layout.

this page is then used for my blogging, or at least that's the plan ,

I've created my first post today , and since this blog is going to be my main blog page , I wan't to created posts here on daily base ...
I notice I can however when creating a new post , within a post I can for example not use the BG3 page layout , like the before and after thing , or a counter , or any other of these things...
only options I have is to setup the page as image , video , ...

am I doing this in the wrong way ?

www.kemizz.com/blog is my main site
http://kemizz.com/blog/on-tour/ is my main blogging page , since all new posts I make are automatically displayed on this page .

the problem is when making a new blog post , I want to be able to also add other things to that post , now I'm stuck with adding a image (which as to be done manually since I have no option for the GT3 page layout buttons( the green onces)

so this http://kemizz.com/blog/changes is my first blog post , but I want to be able to add more content , cause I specially bought the theme for the before and after photo options , as this I will used to make reviews ...


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