Change Log

December 6th (v.1.7)

Added: Breadcrumb background option in admin panel
Fixed: Shortcodes in sidebar
Fixed: Retina issues

Changed files (theme files):

options.php core\admin
misc.php core\registrator
update_parameters.php core
core.php css\core
responsive.css css
theme.css css
acctoggle_off.png img\retina
acctoggle_on.png img\retina
socials_sprite.png img\retina

November 25th (v.1.6)

Fixed: 960 grid for IE8
Fixed: Header issue in IE8
Updated: Moved copyright text to theme options panel
Updated: Page builder (please update all the files)

Changed files (theme ones):

options.php core\admin
update_parameters.php core
960.css css
theme.css css

November 19th (v.1.5)

Fixed: Contact form 7 captcha size issue
Fixed: 960px width grid
Fixed: Minor HTML issues

Changed files:

960.css css
theme.css css
core.php js\core

November 15th (v.1.4)

Fixed: Minor responsive issue

Please update the entire page builder plugin and theme files

Changed files in the theme:
responsive.css css
theme.css css

November 15th (v.1.1)

Initial Release.
Mike Tailor

GT3themes Support Team
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