Demo data does not display images or menus

I installed the theme and loaded the demo data. The thumbnails display on the masonry type pages, but when clicking through to the full page, there is no image. Source shows empty img tags. I also noticed the menus are not appearing.

I wiped the existing wordpress install and db and reinstalled, reloaded the demo data, and got the same result. If I create a new page based on the settings for one of the existing pages, it will not display that image either, only the thumbnail. Confirmed my image and demo images are on the server.

Wordpress 4.6.1, theme purchased yesterday and downloaded. Browser, latest chrome on windows. ... postfolio/ ... convallis/

Thanks for your help.


Re: Demo data does not display images or menus

Hello Gary,

1. The posts don't display any image or video because the WordPress doesn't import the post format in custom sections
If you will select the video or images one you can see all the content we provide.
2. Please read the theme documentation(it is included to the theme package). We explain how to select menu
To activate main and footer menu: Please go to Appearance => Menus => Manage Locations and choose from the drop down list "Main"
from the proposed menu items, click save changes.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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