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I'm starting with eClipse theme.

For my homepage, I would like to implement it exactly as Eclipse Dark Theme on this link : ... 1483469467

I think this is "Portfolio mansory" which is used to get this appearance.

I'd like to have links for galleries, video and pages.

My question is : How do you manage the main "page" ? Portfolio ? Pages ? Or something else ?
Could you explain me how to proceed ?

I've already done some fully websites with notepad++ (html, php, css..) so I know the languages.

And as I wanted to use your theme, I'm starting with Wordpress :)


Re: eClipse theme Portfolio Mansory

Jane wrote:Hello,

The link you provided redirects to the Eclipse theme landing.
If you want to provide teh direct link please close demo panel at first
Did you read the theme documentation included to the theme package?
Please watch the videos ... fqGUmt3v9z



Thank you for your help.
Yes I read the theme documentation but I didn't understand some details and the videos did help me. I finally chose the striped page and I declared it as a homepage.

I created a menu but it doesn't appear on the homepage (stripped page). How to do it ? I'd like to have it on top of my stripped page.

Regards Simon

Re: eClipse theme Portfolio Mansory

Jane wrote:The striped pages layout doesn't display video.
You can see at our demo that the template doesn't display menu
This is not the issues. You can't add menu manually.
It requires customization to display the menu.


Hello Jane,
I finally don't need the menu on the stripped page. The user will have to visit 1 gallery before to access the menu so that's better.
Could you tell me how to change the colors for example the background color ? Should we change it directly in the files ?
I don't know if this is the good one, but for example the theme. css is composed of 5545 lines... that's hughe... and I don't know what to change.



Re: eClipse theme Portfolio Mansory


I changed the colors I wanted :
Eclipse theme settings=> Color options.

1)Could you tell me how to change the color of the cross when I put the mouse over a miniature (with the striped page) ?
At the moment, when I put the mouse over a miniature, the cross is too light and white as the miniature.

2) Which parameter (in theme settings => Color options ??) aims at changing the text color on the striped page (my home page). At the moment the text is white and not readable. I'd like to have it in black.



Re: eClipse theme Portfolio Mansory

1) Please provide a website link. I need to see what you are talking about.
2) You can change the color by adding the code in Eclipse theme settings=> View options=> Custom Css
.strip_template figure section .strip-text h1, .strip_template figure section .strip-text h3, .strip_template figure section .strip-text h6 {
color: #3d3d3d !important;

Jane Clarks

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