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i am currently experiencing the same problem. I'm uploading an image for the "Default background image" and it doesn't display on the site. The same goes for the "Default background pattern" option. The color options from the same panel works just fine :). Basically it's just the background images that does not load.

Thank you in advance for the help :).

Re: Background image?

Unfortunately I fully agree with all above.

I can in no way figure out how that can be both a background image and a background color and a background texture at the same time.

It helps by no means to read the instructions.

Instead of typing it all again, I'll just copy and paste the same. And with this hope for a response.

At first I thought, "How can there be a default background image AND pattern AND colour at the same time?" Then I thought perhaps only one of the three options should be set.

Trouble is, when I upload a background image and clear the other two options (colour and pattern), all I get is a white background - no image. In fact, the only option that produces a result is colour - whether the other two fields are filled or empty.

Sure, I can set the image for individual pages, but A) why should I have to do the same thing several times? and B) this won't work for blog/category pages - for that, there needs to be a working default image/colour/pattern.

Please help!

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