Unable to view site when stylesheet uploaded

Hi there,

I'm unable to view my site when the Stylesheet is uploaded. I could view the html before adding the Stylesheet but now I have a blank website. I've connected my previous site template's index page and Stylesheet for now so not sure how you'll be able to have look at the code to see what's wrong. Any suggestions?


Re: Unable to view site when stylesheet uploaded

Hi Jane,

Do I need to upload ALL files even if I'm not using them?

For instance, I haven't uploaded the PSD or Slider folder and shortcodes, single_portfolio, typography html etc pages as these are just instructions/documentation for the user. Plus, I'm usig a static background in the home page in the first instance.

As I previously mentioned, I've had to re-activate my exisiting index andf stylesheet (not the mocco template) so there is something showing on my site. Can you please suggest where I can upload the Mocco folders and files so its possible to view what i've done so far. Is there a way to use FTP? If so, how?

Disclosure - I'm not a techie but I'm technically competent.

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