Scrolling on mobile devices

I got some observation lately from my customer, that scrolling a page of portfolio item was impossible on mobile phone.
I've checked it and actually it is possible, but you must keep the finger very close to the border of the page, out of the surface of pictures placed there, of course you must figure it out otherwise it doesn't work, which is very cofusing and seems like an error on the website.
I use a standard wordpress page for this, with individual pictures like this one for example:

I hope there is some solution of this problem.
Thank you.

Re: Scrolling on mobile devices

Hi, I'm sorry for the delay.
Any chance to help me without sharing these dates? I have few more websites there and they've been hacked twice. After that I try to protect them a little better, so now I just prefer not to spread these dates anywhere, please don't get me wrong.

I've tried to figure the problem out, using different setting and layouts of the page and always if there is a picture on the page you can not scroll the screen touching the picture, you must keep your finger out, on the border or between pictures, on the background. If I put a text there it works normally.


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