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Hey guys
I'm reaching out to the wider community if possible because I've spent months on this issue and both me and my client is getting frustrated.
I don't know what everyone's solution is to the search results page with the Oyster theme, but because it's a photographic theme my first impression was that the search.php page would display results based, say, on the ALT tag or description or something useful for photography.

Since Jane/support told me this can't be done and I've accepted it, I've tried numerous times to edit the search results page (search.php) to at least remove the sidebar and the footer etc. Every time I try to edit it though, something breaks and the page is blank.

Since support is no help with this issue could someone who has edited this page successfully not to include the default sidebar with meta data etc please let me know what I can do and what I can't?

I'm just surprised that even free themes come with a styled results page and this paid theme is the first that doesn't provide support for custom search results. Assuming you all had to edit this page like I have to, I'm hoping someone out there is able to help.
Thank you!

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