Adjust transparency when viewing full size gallery pic?

We're using the Masonry Gallery on all pages for showcasing paintings and photographs.


When you click on an image to view the full size version, you can still see the gallery behind the enlarged image. The artist has asked me if we can change that. He would like the background to have a solid color, the same flat gray that we're using as the background color for the rest of the site.

Is that possible? If not, is it possible to have no transparency? So it's just black?

Thank you!

Re: Adjust transparency when viewing full size gallery pic?

Thank you for the reply, I had not noticed it.

I added the code as you suggested and I now see that gray background color, the size of the image, before the image itself loads.

What I'm actually trying to do is the following:

If you visit this page, for instance:
And then you click on any of the thumbnail images
You will notice it enlarges the thumbnail and all of the space on the monitor that surrounds the thumbnail is completed black
Since many of this artist's images have black edges, they tend to wash out.

Can we change that black background that surrounds the enlarged image? Either to the same Grey as the website background OR, just remove the transparency altogether?

Thank you very much!!

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