Having trouble adding a gallery to a new page

I am having a ton of trouble adding a gallery to a new page. Here is what am I doing:
- add new page
- select a gallery-related template
- use GT3 elements builder to add a gallery
- select a gallery with images in it
- preview

When I do this, I just get a blank page with my header and nothing else on it. Does not matter which template I choose, which gallery, there's never anything there. So far my on luck in creating pages has been to duplicate old ones.

Also, I noticed that the GT3 elements builder does not automatically appear. Is there a way to get it if it's not there?


Re: Having trouble adding a gallery to a new page


If you want to build Gallery with the template, please don't use the module.
Please go to Pages section in the main WordPress menu and click Add New.
On the right in Page Attributes section select the one of the Gallery templates. Please, don't forget to publish the page.
Special Gallery uploader will be available on the page. Upload your media collection and select the images for Gallery. That's all.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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