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Hey there!
I appear to have some problems with my blog. The blog post randomly went from small normal items, to wide items.
I tried updating the theme but I have another problem there. It's asking me to register, and when I enter the item purchase code it says registration connection error.
I attached a screenshot of the blog problem.
Please help me
Screenshot 2017-07-28 16.47.14.jpg

Re: blog & update

Hey Jane.
Well, it asks me to Register or Buy theme. I click Register, enter the Item Purchase Code I have from Themeforest and I click Activate. It first says Activation process is running...and after a few seconds it says Registration Connection error. I keep getting this error for a few days now.
Any ideas?

Re: blog & update

The thing is that we added new registration functionality to the theme.
That's can be the reason. There is no connection to our server from your end.
That's why you see the error.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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