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Unfortunately, you can't change this, because you are moving to another page and everything is refreshing.
The menu doesn't update till you on the same page.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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Re: Menu issue

Hello, thanks for the answer.

I have changed this, now I display the Galleries in the menu, everything is ok.

BUT (here it goes...), I would like to be able to see the submenus without opening the gallery itsel.

Let say: I am in "Transport" submenu of the "Urbex" category". I would like the sub-menu of transport being display (like the "Airplanes graveyard" and others entries"). How can I do that?
Basically, I want that the page opens on right and at the same time the submenus get displayed and open. Now, it only opens when I open a gallery from the page on the right.

Re: Menu issue

Jane wrote:Unfortunately, this is the only one way how to display the sub-menus.

Ok. So other question: when I clic on the menu item, the submenu is displayed for 1/2 sec, time to display the next page. Is there a way to avoid this display then?

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