Re: counter and likes work?


I understand that the "functionality" in regards to "clicking" on the Heart icon to increase the number of "Likes" doesn't work with this HTML template, but you added that Heart icon and associated number to the template as a means of showing people that it is something that could be implemented into the template. The least you can so is offer a suggestion on how we can make that functionality work. Point us in the direction of someone who can make it work. Maybe there is someone on the Internet that you can collaborate with to offer the functionality as an added bundle. I'd pay a few extra bucks to make this work and I'm sure others would too.

If not at the very least can you please provide me with instructions on how to remove the Heart and it's associated number completely? It's absolutely ridiculous to keep it there if it doesn't do anything.

Thank you.

Re: counter and likes work?

Jane wrote:If you want to have a design with the functionality, please use a wordpress theme.

Are you saying that your WordPress version that you have available for sale of the DIAMOND – Photography Website theme contains the functionality to make clicking on the Heart icons increase the associated counter for each image?
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