Question about gallery_kenburns.html

I have a question about the gallery_kenburns.html.

I am going to use that page as my index.html because I want that effect on my home page. I will therefore rename index.html (that currently has the Fullscreen Slider) to home.html, and rename gallery_kenburns.html to index.html.

My question for you...

Can you please provide me with the code necessary to automatically redirect anyone to an alternate page if they visit the site in a web browser that doesn't support the KenBurns javascript? Please let me know where to insert the code or what to edit.

Ultimately what I'm trying to achieve is have the the index.html of my site use the KenBurns effect, but if someone visits the site in web browser that doesn't support this KenBurns effect, I want to redirect them to a page named home.html that will have the Fullscreen Slider instead.

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