Re: Responsive menu is not working in Dott Theme

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your quick response

bold my answers:

Did you make any custom changes?
Yes, I've made changes, they are css and I uploaded this paragraph enabled in preferences theme

You uploaded the retina logo, but it has the same size as the default logo image.
The retina logo should be in 2 sizes bigger.
It can cause issues.
And it is fixed, but still continues without leaving the menu in version for mobile

I have not made any changes in type php files except creating a template from the template called: page-countdown
In all other files (php, css, js) is the same, I have not touched anything.

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Re: Responsive menu is not working in Dott Theme

Hi Jane,

I'm using the same theme for another web: in this does not happen the problem of responsive menu.

I have been reviewing and comparing the two web and have not found anything different except for custom css and content.

And in the two web get the message in red that says the browser can not load the custom.css. But the responsive menu, one of the web works and the other does not.

I have also disabled all plugins and erasing custom.css, but I did not get any results.

Not to do more, I need help.
Thank you
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