Fullscreen video does not fit screen and more

Hi there!

I am the proud owner of one of your HTML-Templates.
As we lean heavily on video and photographs as content, Soho - Fullscreen Photo & Video Web Template seems to fit our needs.

When sculpting the template I came across some 'strange' behaviour, which I can't seem to remedy myself.

1. Chopping top & bottom of fullscreen video.
At first [url]3mila.com/esmee_michelle.html[/url], based on your "portfolio_post_fullscreen_video.html" Template, might look good, depending on the screen you use. When you might be using a wide screen monitor or laptop display, the top and bottom part of the video are chopped, sometimes even beheading persons in the video.

Even though in theme.css the ".fw_background iframe" and all other classes for that matter say "height: 100%" it still doesn't seem to be doing that or measuring it in a strange way.
I would like to have the max height of the video shown at all times and have the video centred, when it doesn't fill the max-width.

Please give some pointers how to achieve this.

Note: Our logo needs slightly more room so the nav-bar is a bit bigger, but I would gladly compensate that with a smaller footer, if I knew how to get the shared icons centred and thus showing (BTW: how can I make the share-icons bigger?)

2. Vimeo video not showing when using iPad 4 Retina.
A VERY strange problem seems to exist that on an iPad 4 the video's, which are stored at Vimeo, never show.
It works on PC's, laptops, Android, iPhone, even an old BlackBerry, but not on an iPad 4 Retina (I do not have tested it with other versions of an iPad, because I don't have one available.)

Please tell me what I can change in which file(s) to correct this or mark this as a bug so it can be fixed asap.

3. Default Vimeo video link/player not working
I found out that the standard way you link to Vimeo video's doesn't work (anymore).

Code: Select all

    <div class="fullscreen_block fw_background bg_video loaded">
<!--       <iframe src="https://vimeo.com/145372123?autoplay=1&amp;loop=10" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> -->
      <iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/145372123?autoplay=1&amp;loop=10" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>

Only the second iframe starts the Vimeo player, the first one (commented out) does not do anything. Why?
the Can I change anything or is this a bug of the Template or maybe something changed at Vimeo.
BTW: even your demo doesn't load any Vimeo video.

4. Turning off panels in "striped_colored.html" when used on small screens
When the template "striped_colored.html" is used on a mobile device it's not responsive enough, because the panels display get so small, that any text on top of the panels will get unreadable.
I thought a possible solution would be to simply to not display the outer panels when the display is a small screen.

How to do that in a proper way?

That's it for now ;)

Greetings from the Netherlands,


Re: Fullscreen video does not fit screen and more

Dear Jane,

Thanks for your answers.

1. Yes I know the video is hiding under the header and the bottom (which not seems to be referred to as 'footer' in this particular template)
2. I already posted a link, but will try again: http://www.3mila.com/esmee_michelle.html
3. Yes I can see the video in that template great, but that's not a good test, because I'm having issues with portfolio_post_fullscreen_video.html
4. The exact same issue occurs there as well

I already wasted a full day on this issue, trying to figure this out for myself, to no avail.

So, I'll rephrase my question:

What and where (I assume some javascript) do I need to change to have the 'fullscreen' video actually fit between the header and the 'footer' of the screen?

BTW, I finally resolved the iPAD issue.
On Apple devices the Vimeo video's don't autostart, even when indicated they should. No problems on PC Windows and Android.
When the video does not autostart a play button is displayed by Vimeo. That button is not visible because the 'footer' or more specifically the 'Share button', covers the bottom part of the screen, therefore hiding the Vimeo controls. Tapping the mainscreen works on an iPhone, but doesn't seem to work on our iPad 4, hence the video can't be viewed.
By removing the bottom bar I finally find this out and the user was able to start the video on the iPad 4.
As you can imagine, this is not a final resolution of this issue (see the rephrased question before)

Thanks again in advance,


Re: Fullscreen video does not fit screen and more

You are using a custom flash player on the page .
<object width="100%" height="100%" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="https://f.vimeocdn.com/p/flash/flideo/1.0.3b10/flideo.swf"><param name="flashvars" value="ready=flideo_f6c3fd7f_d750_477d_b4bb_b42a8bcf1c66.onFlashReady"><param name="movie" value="https://f.vimeocdn.com/p/flash/flideo/1.0.3b10/flideo.swf"><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"><param name="bgcolor" value="#000000"><param name="wmode" value="opaque"><param name="quality" value="high"><param name="scalemode" value="noscale"></object>
It craches the default functionalty. The close bars button doesn't work.
Please note, we don't support custom changes.
Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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