81 px sharing bar. Not desired

A wonderful template! Much thanks for all the hard, painstaking work of coding for all the new devices.

In the live preview at themeforest, the video was "unavailable" and I was not aware of this sharing bar when I purchased this as a "full screen" video template. Most users may want sharing and video controls, but I do not.

Can you explain how I can completely eliminate the sharing bar and video controls? Thank you.

Re: 81 px sharing bar. Not desired

Hi Jane. I regret this initial confusion and further delay. Why did I post the link to begin with? It was to answer your inquiry as to what "page" I was referring to. Yes, besides the landing page, the same link can also occur on the video home page example. The forum structure here, where I began, should have informed the reader as to what "page": HTML Templates / HTML Templates Discussion / Soho - Fullscreen Photo & Video Web Template. True, an entire site is often called a "page"... I see no need to send more redirected links. The video example does not work on the live preview. Therefore no controls are in view.

Good. Video pages on Soho have rather large controls at the bottom which, to me, consume a lot of space for "fullscreen." Others have noted this. Can you possibly tell me how to remove this entire bar or footer? Much thanks in advance!

Re: 81 px sharing bar. Not desired

Something else, the error message for the video homepage example is from hosting service Vimeo. It states that it is a private video and is not available. However, if you have the necessary cookies on your machine, it may display just fine for you. Others mentioned that it was not working.

Obviously, the different examples of home pages are in the sub-menu under HOME, including fullscreen video.

Re: 81 px sharing bar. Not desired

I asked you to provide the direct link, because we have different layouts with the video
http://www.gt3themes.com/website-templa ... video.html
http://www.gt3themes.com/website-templa ... video.html
http://www.gt3themes.com/website-templa ... video.html
Sorry if this request caused some misunderstanding.
I only want to see the page and help you.
The video on the first link isn't available for me too. We will change it.
Can you please post your one? If the share functionality is placed on vimeo video player, we will not be able to hide it, because this is the resource end.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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