Re: change photos in a row

when i change the size of the display, it will show 3 photos.

when i change the margin grid, the photos shown smaller but 4 photos in the row.
when i change the size of the photo, it will use the same size like a small photo?

what`s that?
a bug or poorly documented?

Re: change photos in a row

Here is a solution.

Please open the theme.css file and manage the line #3104
.fullscreen_block .blogpost_preview_fw {
width: 33.3333%; (you can manage this value less or higher value)
display: inline-block;

Please note, this change will manage the items quantity in other templates too.
You can rename the id for it in html file and copy the same classes for new id in theme.css file.
For example, you need to open portfolio_grid_margin.html file and find this .fullscreen_block .blogpost_preview_fw
Rename it to .test .fullscreen_block .blogpost_preview_fw and add the code indicated below in theme.css
.test .fullscreen_block .blogpost_preview_fw {
width: 33.3333%;
display: inline-block;

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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