Please tell me how do I turn off this feature where you hover over the top slide show with your mouse and the slide show pauses and it resumes when the mouse moves away from it, I do not want the slide show to pause I want it to be able to always run be it the mouse over it or not. Please let me know asap.
Thank you,

Re: blog_post_fullwith_slider.html

Hello Yuriu,

Yoy can add the parameter in js/theme.js file
Please find the lines 393-401, add the following one pauseOnHover: false
You will get the following code:
// NivoSlider
if (jQuery('.nivoSlider').size() > 0) {
directionNav: false,
controlNav: true,
slices: 1,
pauseOnHover: false
Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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