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I bought the Hershel HTML Template at Themeforest a while ago and my clients are still busy sending me information which I need to include - its taking them over a year!

I have a question and would really appreciate your help please. In the HTML template, I see you included functionality for a slick slider in the css. Now, on your Wordpress Theme, you have a logo carousel on this page: - where you can see the Envato, Mailchimp etc logos. I have tried to set up a logo slider on the HTML template, but have had absolutely no luck at all.

Is there any possibility that you could possibly send me the HTML code as per the WP example, but for HTML? I have looked through the entire HTML template you supplied, and there is nothing in there with a logo slider as per on the WP theme.

I see you no longer sell the HTML version on Themeforest, so if you are able to assist, I would be deeply grateful as I am rather desperate now.

Hope to hear from you soon. Many thanks in advance.

Re: Slick Slider


The Hershel template and Hershel WordPress theme are different ones.
They are not the same. The carousel on the WP are built with the help of Visual Composer plugin.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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Re: Slick Slider

Yes, I understand that.

But, what I am saying is that you already have slick slider css included in the HTML template css. So I wanted to know whether there was any possibility you might have HTML code available that I could work from to include in the HTML template so that it operates like the slider you have on your Wordpress website. It looks like the Slick Slider is already included into the template, I just need some HTML markup to include to make it work?
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