WPBakery Visual Composer

I am not able to adapt the page content using visual composer. I am now using version 5.0.1 and the Plugin WPBakery Visual Composer requires an update but I get an error when trying to install.

What can I do to solve this and update my site?

(If I switch to classic mode, the page often won't save)

Working on WP version 4.7.3 with Elite Masters theme

Re: WPBakery Visual Composer

I work with Elite Masters Version 3.16.7 and my webmaster says the the latest download did not include and update of VC. Is that correct?

When I view the WP Dashboard I see the WPBakery Visual Composer version 5.0.1 installed and it needs to be updated to versie 5.1.1.

Normally the newest version is included in the download from envato, so I am a bit confused now ... Where/how to get the latest version?


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