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- Are we able to re-order the portfolio filter titles? (It seems to put it alphabetically.. I need to re-arange this?
- Featured image in the portfolio pages is pixelating? The same image in the page it self underneath it is perfect, only the featured image does this.?
- How do i close or open the comments on my portfolio pages in bulk?
- How do I re-move “all works” in the portfolio filter or maybe blank the text.?
- how to make the portfolio grid go full with instead of being boxed. the same as what you get with photo albums grid.?
- In the portfolio item page, how do i remove the date posted” author” filed under and social media?
- The font size for the portfolio filter how to increase this? Ive tried in the theme font settings not working..
- The font size of the menu items?
- The font of general content text?

Client wants to change theme if some of this is not met...
So not in the mood for a new theme setup, so please I hope we can resolve these issues.

Re: Layout & Changes


1. We use WordPress category functionality. There isn't re-arange option.
2. What image size did you upload? If the image is pixalated, it mean the image is too small and stretched.
3. Please go to Solarwind theme options=> View options=> Portfolio comments
4. You can't remove the All works, the only way is to change it in po files.
5. It requires theme layout customization.
6. Please read the topic viewtopic.php?f=97&t=7261
7. You can make changes in theme.css the line #5654
.module_portfolio .optionset li a {
color: #777777;
font-size: 11px;
line-height: 18px;
8. The menu fonts depends on the line #2817 in theme.css
body {
color: #434343;
font-size: 13px;
font-weight: 400;
line-height: 20px;
9. Please manage the code indicated above.

Jane Clarks

GT3themes Support Team
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